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 Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos, Kardamyli.
Promenade, Harbor, Beach. Weather.

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The webcams are located in the 'Mani' region, South Peloponnese, Greece.

Some background information:

Stoupa Promenade

Stoupa's first webcam and at the time one of a handful of cams across Greece! Online since June 2001(!), live since March 2010.
The camera is installed directly on Stoupa's seafront. You sometimes see people waving or greeting the camera.
24-hour high-resolution image archive.

Stoupa Beach

Webcam facing west with a view of Stoupa's beach promenade. Online and live since October 2014.
Monthly high-resolution image gallery.

Kalogria Beach

Camera currently offline as host had to move. Hopefully back online before high season.
The camera is overlooking Kalogria beach with view of the bay. Online since July 2005, live since March 2010. When the weather is calm you can see a circular spot on the sea. This is caused by a freshwater spring underneath.
Monthly high-resolution image .

Agios Nikolaos

The picture shows the village Agios Nikolaos with its fishing harbor. Online and live since August 2010. The camera is installed just above the legendary coffee bar "Niriides".
Monthly high-resolution image gallery.


The camera is looking in direction northwest over the old fishing harbour in Kardamyli at the Messenian gulf. Online and live since May 2011. A typical maniotic tower house can be seen on the left side of the image.
24-hour high-resolution image archive.


Coming soon: Live webcam above the restaurant 'Karnagio' in Kalamata with view of the waterfront.


This camera shows current (weather) images in the southwest above Stoupa. Online since July 2014. Intended as visual confirmation of the data from our private weather station (PWS).
Current and previous year data are available via the data graphs.

Easter Egg

You found it! The unbeatable prices and the reliable service from CarRentalNet. In cooperation with this Greek supplier we can offer online car rental bookings with pick up in Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos or Kardamyli.

Honey pot

I take the opportunity of this pretty frequented landing page to advertise my own holiday rental. A traditional stone house, completely renovated with its own very special charme.


Interested in even more reading? John Chapman's 'Maniguide' allowes you to travel back in time. A very well researched and documented guide and history.


This website is part of the service of the travel agency Zorbas in Stoupa and is meant to promote the area and to strengthen ties.


From the beginning I am only using Mobotix cameras. German made. But that's not the reason. Their cams a very reliable, low-maintenance, and absolutely durable. I install the cameras myself, also implementation and website is done by me.
Internet connection for the cameras could be better, power cuts fewer but generally everything works pretty well. Except if we have a in the menu.

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What You See Is What You Get. Sometimes you can't see what you get. Sorry for that.


In order to keep feeding the frog, I am happy about every rental car booking, the visit of our advertising partners and last but not least about an orange juice.

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